Sunday, May 8, 2011

Build Muscle to Reduce Cellulite

It's no secret (albeit very few women are aware of it) that building dense, hard muscle is the key to the building up the so called celebrity figure. Any and all of the famous celebrities you see work out hard in the gym, lifting heavy weights to maintain their picture perfect figures. One of the leading causes of the saggy, "skinny fat" appearance is a lack of muscle. Simply not eating and expecting to get a killer physique is not only unrealistic, it's downright silly. If it was that easy, any woman could build a killer physique. But most can't, because they have become a victim of the age old myth, "women can't get lift heavy weights or they will get big and bulky".

FACT: You will not get big and bulky if you lift heavy weights. Women like Jennifer Lopez, Keira Knightly and Jessica Biel all lift heavy weights and push themselves hard in the gym. You will notice that none of them are big or bulky. They all have the picture perfect, magazine ready body that women the world over dream of obtaining. The hard truth is that if you want to look like that, you have to work hard in the gym, eat properly, and truly embrace a healthy lifestyle. Doing everything right with the exception of weight training will leave you skinny. And that's about it. To build up the "ideal" body, you need to work just as hard in the gym as you do every where else.

Below is a picture of what you might look like if you follow a healthy diet and cardio routine, but neglect weight training.

This woman is an ideal example of a "skinny" person. Judging by the look of her legs, lower torso, and arms, she hasn't lifted weights in a very long time, if ever. Many people (myself included) don't view this type of physique as very attractive. She appears emaciated and unhealthy, and probably eats far less than is required by the body. Very few women are naturally this skinny, for most women, obtaining such a skinny figure takes work (and an utterly unhealthy lack of food).

It is still possible for skinny women to have cellulite, as it is impossible to completely eliminate fat from the body. There will always be some, and a lack of exercise and/or poor diet will cause that fat to become herniated, therefor becoming cellulite. If it makes a difference (it shouldn't, by the way), very few men find the appearance of the lady on the left attractive. Emaciated appearance = unhealthy.

Below is a picture of what you can do if you follow a healthy diet and cardio routine, AND lift weights.

Unlike the skinny lady above, Jessica Biel maintains a "magazine" figure by working out hard. She didn't achieve her pysique by lifting two pound weights either, she lifts the heaviest weights she can, and doesn't stop until she is exhausted and incapable lifting any more weight. She follows a perfect diet and cardio routine, and doesn't shy away from heavy weights, because she knows that to maintain such an ideal body requires absolute dedication.

Unlike the skinny lady above, Jessica Biel eats. A lot. To build up the muscle that has made Jessica's body famous, you need lots of protein and healthy carbohydrates in addition to a killer workout schedule. Very few women can build a body like Jessica's because of how much hard work it requires. Even fewer women can maintain such an ideal figure. Unlike the skinny lady above, Jessica Biel is incredibly strong and healthy. And unlike the lady above, countless men find Jessica Biel's body completely stunning.

Suffice to say, cellulite reduction strategies require complete dedication and an assault on all three fronts: Diet, cardio and weight training. If one is lacking, all will suffer. You might not be able to build a Jessica Biel caliber body, but you can definitely come close, assuming you have the dedication required to truly bust through your cellulite. I didn't say it would be easy. I just said it was possible!

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  1. "Judging by the look of her legs, lower torso, and arms, she hasn't lifted weights in a very long time.."

    Weights? ..WEIGHTS? Some girls are naturally slim or "skinny" as you put it, and don't need to lift weights (and look sad and scrawny in the process).
    The people in North America are crazily obsessive about 'working out' - forget about Hollywood babes and models, the reality is symptomatic of completely empty lives.